OCBC Bank and StarHub embrace ‘We Economy’ with new partnership

Both companies will invest S$6 million over 12 months to build networks of partnerships across multiple industries and give customers better services, experiences and offers

Original posted on October 24.2017. at 10:15 am. Upload on October 24.2017. at 10:15 am.

OCBC Bank and StarHub announced their partnership, a unique bank-telco strategic


It’s being touted as a means of embracing the new ‘We Economy’ paradigm which is about collaborating and co-creating solutions. As part of this new sharing ideal, OCBC Bank and Starhub will invest S$6 million over 12 months in R&D.


The partnership itself is just the initial phase in a multi-year plan to bring together essential businesses across industries, welcoming the participation of other companies.


Both companies will jointly harness data insights in creating the best solutions for their
combined customer base of over 5 million.


They will also be exploring opportunities in the growing Internet of Things and artificial
intelligence spheres, to further enhance customer experiences and offerings.


As a first step in the partnership, a first store-in- store outlet was launched at OCBC Bank’s orchardgateway branch. It will offer both OCBC financial offerings as well as StarHub’s own catalogue of entertainment and info-communcations services in one location. More of these stores will be expanded elsewhere in stages.


All new and current customers with OCBC Bank and Star Hub will receive an additional 3% rebate on StarHub bills for 12 months, by signing up at www.innovatingtogether.sg. The rebate is up to S$5 per month, to be credited into OCBC customers’ credit card or bank accounts.


More details can be found at www.innovatingtogether.sg.


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